Capturing a Moment of Greatness

An authentic snapshot of Trenton music, recorded in multi-track analog, and offered as a vinyl LP, CD and digital album.

by Bill Nobes

Molly Nikki Studio Boards

Did you ever hear a live band that you loved, but when you found them online the studio-recorded tracks just didn’t have the same raw passion and energy as their live performance did?

Have you read books or seen documentaries about a period of time when a certain music scene or venue was popping and wondered what it was like to have been there? A few area legends that come to mind are Cafe Sine-é, CBGB’s and the meat packing district in New York City, Maxwell’s in Hoboken, The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, City Gardens in Trenton and so many others.

I was fortunate to be a part of a few of these before they were historic. In the beginning it wasn’t obvious that history was being made, but I knew it was special.

I arrived in Trenton just about a year ago and I felt it again — that nascent energy, art and music all around me, people not looking for prestige but to express themselves, to collaborate with others, and to see where experimentation would lead. At that time I was also a year into building an analog recording studio in a 200 year old farmhouse just outside of Trenton.

Feeling that energy again in I knew that this time I wanted to capture a snapshot. We could document the story of what it’s like to witness and participate with something in the early years. Will Trenton go on to make music history? I don’t know but I do know it has the same feel and energy of places that did.

That’s what this project is about. Capturing a moment of greatness.

Professional Analog Recording and Mastering Direct to Vinyl.

Champs Board Tascam ATR60 Studio Champs 500 rack

Our vision goes beyond setting up a few microphones. We are using professional tools, techniques and volunteers to capture the best possible authentic experience. We are recording in 100% analog onto 1-inch, 16 track magnetic tape. The tracks will be mastered by a nationally renown studio that specializes in analog mastering and lacquer cutting. We will release a vinyl LP, a CD and a digital album.

We expect to record over 30 bands/artists and recording is already underway. We recently had a big recording weekend at Championship Bar that exceeded our best expectations. On Saturday, November 3rd, as part of Artworks Trenton’s Art All Day, we expect to record eight singer/songwriters at the Trenton Coffee House and Records.

Additionally we will be recording for the remainder of the year at Dirty Old Robot Studio in Jacobstown NJ.

We Need Your Help!

Producing this album will cost over $12,000. We have raised more than half already and need your help to raise the rest. On our IndieGoGo page we’re offering several packages and option. The most exciting is the limited edition vinyl and a collectors level that includes an autographed polaroid of one of the bands.

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