Analog Trenton Fact Sheet

What is Analog Trenton?

Recorded over six months at multiple locations, Analog Trenton’s 40 tracks capture the live experience and raw energy of Trenton NJ’s vibrant DIY music scene. Recorded directly to magnetic tape (1-inch, 16 track) and mixed in 100% analog, this diverse collection of music is an authentic record of a living and growing music scene.

The final product is a 40 track double CD and a vinyl LP with 13 tracks that represent the best snapshot of the project and community.

Analog Trenton also features the work of 27 area visual artists. The packaging, labels and inserts feature original art showcasing the talent and vision of the city.

Where was it recorded?

Analog Trenton was recorded at three locations:

  • Championship Bar, one of Trenton’s most active music venues.
  • Trenton Coffee House and Records
  • Dirty Old Robot Studio

Who Made It?

Analog Trenton was initiated by NJ based producer and media artist Bill Nobes. Bill had been fortunate enough to have been involved in the art and music scenes in Hoboken in the early 90s and NYC’s East Village and Meat Packing District in the mid/late 90s. When Bill was introduced to the music scene Trenton he felt the same raw and vital energy that made those earlier scenes legendary. He teamed up with co-producers Nikki Nailbomb and Griffin Sullivan, both significant people in the Trenton music scene, to make Analog Trenton a reality.

The project quickly developed a life and energy of it’s own. Bill had hoped to be able to record at least 20 tracks but the community was so enthusiastic a total of 40 tracks have been recorded.

The enthusiasm was also shared by the visual visual-arts community. The LP features a printed sleeve and the CD includes an eight page booklet containing original artwork. Overall, the project features the work of 27 area artists.

Why Trenton?

All art scenes are unique but Bill found something special in Trenton. It was passionate, energetic and authentic. It gave off a dynamic and frenetic energy, but more importantly it was collaborative and diverse. Trenton artists help each other, they work together across mediums and genres. On one stage in one night you can have punk, hip-hop, folk and hardcore. On the other side of the room might be live painting. This, he felt, was a scene worth documenting

How Was it Funded?

The overall cost of the project, to-date, is about $18,000. Funding for the project was raised through an Indie-Go-Go campaign and several sponsorships, including Sweetwater Music, ATR Magnetics, Copycats Media, TruTone Mastering and Independent Record Pressing. Finishing and replication funding was provided by Bill and Dirty Old Robot (studio). 

Why Analog?

Before finding the Trenton scene Bill had been building  Dirty Old Robot, an analog music and video production studio. His goal was to build a creation space that would focus on recording and reproducing authenticity which, he feels, is becoming a lost art in the age of digital production. The studio is located in a 200+ year old farmhouse in Jacobstown, NJ, 25 minutes outside of Trenton. For more information visit

The production technique of Analog Trenton is 100% analog from microphone to vinyl. This is a rare process today. Some studios still use tape but recordings are usually converted to a digital format during either the mixing or mastering process. Analog Trenton’s LP was not. All recording, mixing and mastering were analog. The project’s mastering and lacquer cutting (for the vinyl stampers) were done by Carl Rowatti of TrueTone studios. Carl has over 40 years of experience making records and specializes in analog formats. The vinyl is being pressed locally at Independent Record Pressing (IRP) in Bordentown, NJ.

The CDs were mastered in analog and only converted to digital at the very last step.

About Bill Nobes

Bill Nobes has been working in theater, video, and sound since he began his first theater company in the family garage in 1975. Major roles include Production Stage Manager for the Ridiculous Theatrical Company, Technical Director for Mother NYC / Jackie 60 and most recently Creative Director for Dirty Old Robot. For more visit