Project Credits

This project would not have been possible without the many people who gave their talent, time and experience.


  • Bill Nobes
  • Griffin Sullivan
  • Nikki Nailbomb

Production Credits

  • Bill Nobes: Recording Engineer and Mix Engineer, Dirty Old Robot Studio. Videographer and Video Editor
  • Sean Glonek: Senior Recording Engineer, Championship Bar and Trenton Coffee House
  • Michael Competielle: Recording Engineer and Videographer, Championship Bar.
  • Brian Young: Senior Consulting Mix Engineer
  • Bernard Miller: Mix Engineer, Dirty Old Robot Studio
  • Carl Rowatti: Mastering Engineer (Trutone Mastering Labs)
  • Lank: Art Director
  • Kellie Murphy: Publicist
  • Fred Taht: Production Assistant
  • Bayron Calderon: Production Assistant

Supporting Producers

  • Amy Brummer
  • Will Kasso Condry
  • Michael Competielle
  • Ryan Cullen
  • Mike Eppley
  • Sean Glonek
  • Jonathan Gordon
  • Kate Graves
  • Ed Holt
  • Taco Jawn
  • Wills Kinsley
  • Frank Nalbone
  • Kelly A O’Connor
  • Emilie Pooler
  • Pungal5
  • &
  • M. Nicholas Sciarrotta
  • Shelbypinto
  • Jeff Stewart
  • Ilene Sullivan
  • Andrew Wilkinson

Special Thanks

  • Abdul-Quadir Wiswall, Trenton Coffee House and Records
  • Brian Hughes, Sweetwater Sound
  • Sean Rutkowski, Independent Record Pressing
  • Carl Rowatta, Trutone Mastering Labs
  • Bette Spitz and Dan Labrie, ATR Magnetics
  • Justin Kristal, Copycats Media
  • Frank Russo, The Music Box
  • Frank Nalbone
  • Ilene Sullivan