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Analog Trenton: Capturing the Sound of a City

October 1, 2018, Trenton, NJ – Local media artist, Bill Nobes, and Pork Chop Express Booking have launched “Analog Trenton,” a music recording project intended to create a snapshot of the Trenton music scene and produce a vinyl LP, CD and digital album.

“I was involved in three rapidly evolving artistic scenes,” says Bill “first in Hoboken, followed by NYC’s East Village, and then the meat packing district. They were all great experiences but we did very little to document them and I regret that.”

The Analog Trenton project will be recording at local venues as well as in-studio. The recordings will be made on vintage reel-to-reel magnetic, multi-track, tape recorders. We’ll be bringing the studio to the venues, allowing us to capture the best possible snapshot of today’s Trenton sound.

Trenton is alive, musically.” says Griffin Sullivan of Pork Chop Express. “The different scenes intermingle but they’re also very distinct, and capturing that feel, and the authenticity of the experience are what excites me about this project.”

The public recording events will take place at Championship Bar on October 6th and 7th and at Trenton Coffee House and Records on November 3rd as part of Artworks Trenton’s Art All Day event. Recording will continue in-studio until the end of the year. The album may be pre-ordered through the project’s IndiGoGo campaign. For more information visit

For further information:
Contact: Bill Nobes
Phone: 609-752-2986