Capturing a Moment of Greatness

An authentic snapshot of Trenton music, recorded in multi-track analog, and offered as a vinyl LP, CD and digital album.

Our IndieGoGo Campaign has ended. Info on how to pre-order and donate will be posted here soon!

A great article on our project on rockthedub

Videos from our Trenton Coffee House & Records recording sessions: YT

Studio Session / Stampy Goblyn

We have cover art!


Media from our Recent Recording Sessions

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Confirmed Artists

  • Aloysius
  • Bayron
  • Bentrice Jusu
  • Bern and the Bastards
  • Bern the Bastard (solo)
  • Bern & Nikki (duet)
  • Black Collar w/ DJ ItsJustAhmad
  • Buy Nothing
  • Caleb Ray Walker
  • Coach's Son
  • Colette Rybinski
  • Data_Wolf
  • Destroylet
  • Doc Rotten
  • Elissa Janelle Velveteen
  • Erin Incoherent
  • Groomers
  • Jessica MF Stanley
  • Josh Adair
  • Kahlil Ali
  • Lori Lynx
  • Matt Kelly
  • Molly Rhythm
  • Nikki Nailbomb
  • Over Everything
  • Party Show
  • Raymond Strife x Ill-Omega
  • Roebus One
  • Sick Shit
  • Skelly
  • Stampy Goblyn
  • Tina Francine
  • True Will
  • Wade Wilson w/ Al Simmons
  • Weathered Underground
(Bold = recorded)